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Stephen Bishop songs that have been covered

  • The Show Must Go On
    The Stephen Bishop song "Save It for a Rainy Day" was covered by Four Tops on the album " The Show Must Go On"
  • The Best of Patti Austin
    The Stephen Bishop song "It Might Be You" was covered by Patti Austin on the album " The Best of Patti Austin"
  • Breakaway
    The Stephen Bishop song "The Same Old Tears on a New Background" was covered by Art Garfunkel on the album " Breakaway"
  • The Kenny Rankin Album
    The Stephen Bishop song "On and On" was covered by Kenny Rankin on the album " The Kenny Rankin Album"
  • Songbird
    The Stephen Bishop song "One More Night" was covered by Barbra Streisand on the album " Songbird"
  • Roots Rocking: The Island Anthology (disc 1)
    The Stephen Bishop song "On And On" was covered by Aswad on the album " Roots Rocking: The Island Anthology (disc 1)"

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