Radio One by Jimi Hendrix

Radio One

Original songs on "Radio One"

"Hey Joe" was covered by Richard Thompson on the album " 1988-08-04 Live At Toad's Place, New Haven, CT "

"Hey Joe" was covered by Wolle Kriwanek on the album " Schwabenrock - 100% Reine Wolle "

"Hey Joe" was covered by Fifteen on the album " There's No Place Like Home (Good Night) "

"Hey Joe" was covered by Deep Purple on the album " The Best of Deep Purple "

"Hey Joe" was covered by The Offspring on the album " Go Ahead Punk ...Make My Day "

"Hey Joe" was covered by Lenny Kravitz on the album " Unplugged "

"Purple Haze" was covered by Six Feet Under on the album " Graveyard Classics "

"Purple Haze" was covered by Sting on the album " Ain't No Sunshine "

"Purple Haze" was covered by Ozzy Osbourne on the album " Rarities Volume 1 "

"Purple Haze" was covered by Winger on the album " Winger "

"Purple Haze" was covered by Frank Zappa on the album " The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life (disc 2) "

"Purple Haze" was covered by The Bobs on the album " Sing the Songs of... "

"Purple Haze" was covered by Snuff on the album " SnuffSaidButGorBlimeyGuvStoneMeIfHeDidn'tThrowAWobblerChaChaChaChaChaChaChaChaChaYou'reGoingHomeInACosmicAmbience "

"Purple Haze" was covered by Coroner on the album " 12 Years in NOISE - Metal & Beyond... "

"Stone Free" was covered by Eric Clapton on the album " Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix "

Cover songs on "Radio One"

The The Beatles song "Day Tripper " was originally on the album " 1962-1970 "

Jimi Hendrix

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