Forever Young by Alphaville

Forever Young

Original songs on "Forever Young"

"A Victory of Love" was covered by I Satellite on the album " AUTO: "

"Big in Japan" was covered by Guano Apes on the album " Don't Give Me Names "

"Big in Japan" was covered by Ane Brun on the album " Big in Japan "

"Forever Young" was covered by Dune on the album " Forever and Ever "

"Forever Young" was covered by Jay-Z on the album " The Blueprint 3 "

"Forever Young" was covered by Atrocity on the album " Werk 80 II "

"Forever Young" was covered by So They Say on the album " Punk Goes 80's "

"Sounds Like a Melody" was covered by Randy Bush on the album " As Melhores das 7 Melhores (disc 2) "

Cover songs on "Forever Young"

The Tom Waits song "Big in Japan " was originally on the album " Mule Variations "


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