Jimi Hendrix

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Radio One by Jimi Hendrix

Radio One

Original songs on "Radio One"

"Hey Joe" was covered by Richard Thompson on the album "1988-08-04 Live At Toad's Place, New Haven, CT"

"Hey Joe" was covered by Wolle Kriwanek on the album "Schwabenrock - 100% Reine Wolle"

"Hey Joe" was covered by Fifteen on the album "There's No Place Like Home (Good Night)"

"Hey Joe" was covered by Deep Purple on the album "The Best of Deep Purple"

"Hey Joe" was covered by Lenny Kravitz on the album "Unplugged"

"Hey Joe" was covered by The Offspring on the album "Go Ahead Punk ...Make My Day"

"Purple Haze" was covered by Ozzy Osbourne on the album "Rarities Volume 1"

"Purple Haze" was covered by Winger on the album "Winger"

"Purple Haze" was covered by Frank Zappa on the album "The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life (disc 2)"

"Purple Haze" was covered by The Bobs on the album "Sing the Songs of..."

"Purple Haze" was covered by Snuff on the album "SnuffSaidButGorBlimeyGuvStoneMeIfHeDidn'tThrowAWobblerChaChaChaChaChaChaChaChaChaYou'reGoingHomeInACosmicAmbience"

"Purple Haze" was covered by Coroner on the album "12 Years in NOISE - Metal & Beyond..."

"Purple Haze" was covered by Six Feet Under on the album "Graveyard Classics"

"Purple Haze" was covered by Sting on the album "Ain't No Sunshine"

"Stone Free" was covered by Eric Clapton on the album "Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix"

Cover songs on "Radio One"

The The Beatles song "Day Tripper" was originally on the album "1962-1970"