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Forever Young by Alphaville

Forever Young

Original songs on "Forever Young"

"A Victory of Love" was covered by I Satellite on the album "AUTO:"

"Big in Japan" was covered by Guano Apes on the album "Don't Give Me Names"

"Big in Japan" was covered by Ane Brun on the album "Big in Japan"

"Forever Young" was covered by Atrocity on the album "Werk 80 II"

"Forever Young" was covered by So They Say on the album "Punk Goes 80's"

"Forever Young" was covered by Dune on the album "Forever and Ever"

"Forever Young" was covered by Jay-Z on the album "The Blueprint 3"

"Sounds Like a Melody" was covered by Randy Bush on the album "As Melhores das 7 Melhores (disc 2)"

Cover songs on "Forever Young"

The Tom Waits song "Big in Japan" was originally on the album "Mule Variations"